Fuels & Lubricants


ZEN started blending its own branded lubricants with key partner Oryx Energies, from a blending plant in Togo that was commissioned in 2010, and with a blending capacity including Engine Oils, Transmission Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Gear Oils and Synthetic Oils in various pack sizes.

ZEN is also the West African Distributor for Whitmore’s Greases, and an authorized distributor for Castrol Ghana.

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The oil speaks. WearCheck listens. You save.

WearCheck Ghana Limited

Operational since 2013, WearCheck Ghana specialises in reliability solutions services and the scientific analysis of oil and other fluids from mechanical and electrical systems. Helps to boost the availability and reliability of components, thereby helping our customers to operate more efficiently and to save money on maintenance.


Clean Economy Fuels to Save on Maintenance Cost

ZEN have a robust bunkering business in Ghana and supply significant volumes of Marine Gasoil (MGO) to vessels at the ports. ZEN bunkers meet ISO 8217-2010 specifications and supply; Onshore, Anchorage and Offshore; with potential to serve customers across the wider West Africa.

ZEN specializes in competitively priced clean Low Sulphur MGO which is the best fuel for vessel’s engines to ensure the best performance from a vessel is achieved, whilst saving on maintenance costs.

ZEN offers unmatched fuel supply security in the industry, with access to terminals and storage facilities strategically located in coastal areas and inland. To guarantee reliability of supply of consistently clean Low Sulphur MGO, ZEN have partnered with BP Oil International to secure the integrity of the quality fuels supply chain. We supply a wide range of customers across various industries; from merchant ships to service vessels for the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry. Due to our reach in the industry, we were the supplier of choice to the French Navy, when they paid a working visit to Ghana in March 2018.