The Zen Way


The customer is the reason ZEN exists, and it is with the customer in mind that ZEN has developed a holistic, compliant operations model to protect the environment, staff, assets and critically the customers’ needs.

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Health Safety & Environment

ZEN believes that without strict HSE adherence there is no room for our business to exist. That is the reason we take our HSE very seriously and ensure that compliance is enforced every time. Our key strategies emanate from Hazard Identification and Mitigation Processes, Emergency Response and Recovery Processes to cover every single task we perform at our customers site. HSE in the ZEN WAY is all that you need to secure your Business.


ZEN Petroleum’s recruitment process is tailored to attract young talents with the right attitude and competence to deliver the value our customers demand.

ZEN employees are intelligent, knowledgeable, experienced and hardworking West Africans working to make a difference and deliver results to our customers and stakeholders. ZEN training programs constantly develop staff to align them to current industry developments and match any international standard.

Stock Management

ZEN has a flawless stock management system that ensures that our customers get exact quantity of product they buy at any pack size or quantity measurement.

With ZEN, our customers are assured of product availability, the right quantity, the right quality and the right value.

This is secured by efficient and effective management of our blending plants, suppliers, logistics and cash flow in very systematic and uncompromised processes from end to end.

With ZEN a liter is a liter.

Asset Management

ZEN manage assets via Asset Reliability concepts to assure the life of assets is optimized to complete their life cycle at most competitive cost by ensuring:

  • All ZEN assets receive predictive and planned maintenance
  • All ZEN assets meet the respective international industry standards and designed to be intrinsically safe


If it cannot be done safely, it cannot be done right.

  • ISO 9001:2008 with a focus on quality management systems.
  • ISO 14001:2015 with a focus on an environmental management system and commitment on environmental performance and compliance.
  • BS OHSAS 18001:2007 with a focus on Occupational Health and Safety management systems.
ISO 9001 CertifiedISO 14001 CertifiedOHSAS 18001 Certified

Operational Delivery

In April 2018 ZEN celebrated 1000 LTI FREE DAYS achieved as a result of HSE interventions.


Health Safety Interventions

Work permit system for all high-risk tasks

ZEN has a work permit system in place for all high-risk tasks including hot work, confined space work, etc. The Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) system is also in place for all electrical or maintenance works done. Mine dump trucks are isolated when they get to the ZEN fuel farm for fuel. This prevents any unauthorised movement while truck is being refueled and thus any incidents that may result (spill, knock down of a fuel attendant, etc.)

Ensuring PPE is being used correctly

These serve as the last defense in hierarchy of control for hazards in the workplace. Failure to use of any of the required PPEs (Helmet, safety boots, goggles, reflective vest) will attract sanctions.

Rigorous inspections of bulk road vehicles

Inspections of bulk road vehicles (BRVs) are completed prior to the BRV going for loading at the various loading points. For any safety non-conformance identified, the particular truck is refused to proceed for loading until the non-conformity is resolved.

Regular and random alcohol tests

Regular and random alcohol tests are conducted on all employees at the beginning of every shift to ascertain employees fitness for work. Any person who tests positive to alcohol and drug test is terminated instantly.

Risk assessment reviews are done to identify any new risks introduced to our operations and corrective actions implemented to ensure zero harm and incident free ZEN.

Continuous on the job training

ZEN’s continuous training program includes; working at height, manual handling, spill management, first aid and defensive driving. This training ensures high competencies within our employees and contractors.

Learning from incidents (LFI)

Learning from incidents occurring either at ZEN or at other industries are communicated to all employees, contractors and stakeholders for lessons to be learnt to prevent reoccurrence.