ZEN is a solely owned Ghanaian Oil Marketing Company (OMC) that within ten years has established itself as the market leader in supplying Fuel and Lubricants to mines in Ghana, as well as an expanding footprint in the West African region, and a growing retail network in Ghana.

ZEN has consistently proven to be a reliable, safe and valuable partner in supplying high quality hydro carbon products to the industrial and retail sectors in Ghana and West Africa.

ZEN is at the forefront of clean fuel
ZEN champions use of uncontaminated fuel for business growth

Creating and delivering value for people and in our communities
We are professional, dedicated and responsible corporate citizens

Investing in the safest storage facilities
All infrastructure used in its supply chain is of industry grade

Results-Driven and Focused
Committed to zero losses, zero accidents

Zen Odorkor Service Station


Mining & B2B

Overview of ZEN’s comprehensive mining services and related investments in mining infrastructure. ZEN has continued to enhance its offering to mine operators since 2008, when it started serving the largest gold mines in Ghana.

Fuels & Lubricants

Overview of ZEN’s additional specialist service offerings in Lubricants, Coolers and de-greasers. ZEN’s partnership to support fuel quality testing ensures the highest standard products to protect our customers assets.

Our Retail Network

Overview of the expanding retail network of ZEN and its investments in new state of the art fuel stations. Insight into the modern retail stations being rolled out by ZEN, tailored for convenience, security and customer satisfaction.

ZEN Services

Overview of the different service offerings from ZEN, demonstrating our commitment to being an end to end supplier of fuel to both businesses and consumers. Continual development and investment in new services strengthens our supply chain, delivering high quality fuels.


Promising right quantity, right quality, right price.

Retail Network Icon

Ongoing full regeneration and expansion
of the retail network

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Implementing advanced industry standards
in station design and fuel delivery

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Developing new technology to enhance
and simplify driver experience

Attendant at Mpintsin Station